Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's New In My Makeup Bag? - Boots No7 Protect & Perfect

I have heard many positive things about the Boots range but have yet to try any of the products out. 

 I picked up the Protect & Perfect Night Cream, Protect & Perfect Serum, and the No 7 Total Renewal Micro-Dermabrasion Exfoliator. Although I’ve heard a lot about the moisturizer and the serum, the Total Renewal Micro-Dermabrasion was an impulse buy. I had run out of exfoliating face wash and desperately needed to find a new one, so I decided to try the Boots one out.


Full review to follow!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Key To Summer - Tresemme Keratin Smooth

The summer is finally here! After a long (Even for a typical Canadian) winter the heat has finally hit.

But as the summer heat (And humidity) starts to settle in, so do the summer related beauty problems. For me, the biggest battle for my hair begins. My hair is thick but the hair strands themselves are very fine. To add to the problem, my hair is naturally wavy. 9 months a year, my hair is tamed into straightened submission. But faced with humidity over 80% and higher, there is no point in even attempting to straighten my hair. For years I spent time flat ironing my hair, only to have it completely destroyed within 5 minutes (I’m not exaggerating here, it would make an extremely entertaining video I’m sure). I would also try to hide my hair under hooded sweatshirts in the hot months which I’m sure looked extremely suspicious at the bus stop. So I gave up on my battle against the heat and generally wear my hair au naturel from June till the last of the humidity disappears in September.

Don’t get me wrong, a couple of months with no heat styling is a treat. It gives my poor hair a well deserved rest, my heat tools get a couple of months off, and I get to sleep in in the morning! But my natural hair is for another entry, here I want to talk about something else.

Anti humidity shampoo has never worked for me in the past. I always assumed that they were just not formulated for my hair type.

I had purchased the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo last summer with the intention of using it when my hair was wavy. I was hoping it would help tame the frizzies and pouf that so many of us are afflicted with during the height of summer. My initial impression was disappointment. I really saw no difference using the system and it was pushed to the back of my cupboard. This year during a cleaning binge I actually contemplated throwing it out but decided to give it one last try. I had also noticed that this year in the ads for the Tresemme Keratin Shampoo they were now advertising that you should use it with heat tools. I’m not sure if this was added after complaints because I swear it wasn’t advertised with this suggestion last year when the product originally came out. Anyway, this year I decided to try it again but this time when I was straightening my hair.

What a huge difference! My hair doesn’t even look like my hair. Plus, as the ultimate test, I went jogging in 80%+ humidity and my hair was not ruined. With any other shampoo it would have been a poufed up mess. In high humidity I have noticed some fly aways but nothing compared to if I had used a regular shampoo.

The draw backs? I do find that the shampoo and conditioner have an extremely heavy fragrance: even more then any regular shampoos/conditioner. I’m talking about waking up in the middle of the night and all I can smell is my hair. That’s never happened before. Luckily it’s not an unpleasant smell.

Now I know there is some debate over actual salon keratin treatments and if they are safe or not. A hairdresser told me that she does not recommend Keratin but I’m not sure if she was referring to the salon treatment (Which may contain formaldehyde) or the shampoo. This is not a 30 days treatment, although it does guarantee to last 7 days. I cannot validate that claim. After one wash with a different shampoo, there is still some residue from using the Tresemme shampoo. But by the second wash, all of the Keratin is gone. This claim would definitely be dependent

on how often you wash your hair in a given week.

Last week I saw the shampoo and conditioner on sale for 3.99$. I would definitely suggest them for anyone who has struggled with hair that constantly loses the battle with humidity. I will still be wearing my hair wavy this summer but it’s nice to know that I have this as an option!

Monday, March 24, 2014

OPI Brazil Collection: Taupe-less Beach Nailpolish

I have to admit that I resisted the OPI Brazil collection at first. Really for no other reason than my nail polish collection size. I often fall in love with a color only to return home and realize I already have a similar or identical color. But for this collection, one color jumped out at me: Taupe-Less Beach. A light grey with mauve undertones, it was definitely unique of anything else I owned. When I returned to my local spa they had actually sold out but luckily were able to order one for me.

Released in early February 2014, the Brazil collection captures the vibrancy and exuberance of Brazil. I love the range: a mix of bold and rich colors makes it such a well rounded collection.

OPI Taupe-Less Beach
Taupe-Less Beach is not as purple as I Sao Paulo Over There. Unfortunately the official pictures of the collection above show the two bottles as being extremely grey which is not the case. I found it most similar to Essie Merino Cool, with the Essie version having more purple which you can hopefully see a hint of in the comparison picture below. I am definitely glad I was able to get my hands on it! Were you unable to resist the call of Brazil? Let me know what colors you love from this collection.

Essie Merino Cool and OPI Taupe-Less Beach